2015年1月16日 星期五

Happy Healing Home Organic farm 快樂療癒之家有機農場(HHH)

Happy Healing Home Organic farm


the village村莊
It’s located in a small village on a mountain of North ChiangMia. Vegetable garden, animal house and volunteer area are in the front, there’s a area of main crop behind that they hire villagers to maintain. They just finished harvesting peanuts in that main crop area while I arrived there and heard there’s stick rice plantation nearby. It’s a beautiful organic farm, surrounded by forests and mountains one side and surrounded by country village another side. Just take a walk for a few minutes, there’s also a river passing by.

We could experience and learn the tranditional Lanna farming here. They save seeds and grow here. I have attended the whole process of growing vegetable while volunteer here. We prepare the irrigation system, weeding, prepared the land and then put compost to mix with the soil. After that we put straw to cover all the land and dig holes and grow those vegetable seedlings. Surely watering after growing is necessary. They are farming not only according by the weather but also the moon. e.g. they grow roots plants while the full moon and green leaves in the new moon Tea also grows some daisy and other followers not only for the beauty but also prevent pest. They also use multi-planting to get more benefit for plants. Tea showed me the pile and told me mustard and carrots are good to plant together, sometimes a few tomatoes grow with them together. I found a lot of farmers in this village grow mustard with onion. And surly, tomatoes and onion are always very good company with each other.

育苗圃 nursery
地準備好了可以開始種了 Now the land is ready
在動物圈可看見很多這麼的小水池以幫這裡的植物澆水 Many this kind of small ponds for watering plants in animals area
小山坡菜園的池塘引用水The terrace gardening  irrigation pond
帶領志工一起生活的主要是Tea的先生Jim, Jim是這裡土身土長的,他的父親是當地的草藥師傅,現在他傳承給Jim, 所以他也知道很多草藥的知識,他在過去曾離開家鄉以修習佛學,研究所畢業後在廟裡當了16年的和尚,好像之後也曾到處駐唱、當廚師,甚至曾在清邁開過自己的餐廳,他很喜歡音樂,不但自己作歌作曲,也可以玩很多樂器。回到故鄉,他見村民農耕用太多藥而身體出現問題,就開草藥桑拿浴館來醫治他們,但這耗太多的木材所以就收起來,在村子裡,也做了不少服務,例如曾發起為無家可居的流浪漢蓋房子的案子,教孩子們英文、音樂。近年來他在HHH有機農場裡開始養鬥雞,不是很清楚他養鬥雞的原因,但是曾聽他提過養一隻很棒的鬥雞就像種出很棒的米一般在我們的蘭納(Lanna)文化裡是非常值得驕傲的。他們跟村落的關係很好,村子裡的親戚很多,常常志工們種的菜不夠用,都跟他的叔叔買菜,這個村落的人彼此都常互相幫忙,我們也在這裡看見一起蓋房子及農耕的換工例子。
村民們一起蓋小村,得先準備很多竹绑繩 have to prepare a lot of bamboo strings first for tight in construction a hut
JIm is prepaing the bamboo strings. Jim在準備竹綁繩
Tea’s husband Jim is the main person to guide all the volunteers. Jim’s father used to be the local villages medicine man and now passed down to Jim. That’s why he has a lot of knowledge about herb and medicine. He left his hometown to study Buddhist Philosophy and chose to live as a Buddhist monk for 16 years after his graduated. Eventually he decided to search spiritual life outside of the temples He used to play music, to be a chef and even ran his own restaurant in ChiangMia before. He enjoys a lot in music and composes a lot of songs, plays many different instruments as well. He found out many villagers get very bad health after farming with chemical and start sauna program to cure them after he coming back home. But finish this program since it’s waste too many woods. He started a lot of programs to help the village before like to build a house for homeless people 竹 or teaching children music and English. These years he started to raise fighting cocks in HHH organic farm but no idea the reason, he mentioned about raise a very good fighting cock is just like you grow very good sticky rice something we are very prout of in our Lanna culture. Jim has many relatives in the village since this is his home village. We have seen villagers help with each other quite often here especially construction and farming. And Jim always gets vegetables from his uncle’s garden while we need vegetables.

The volunteer is asking buddist philosophy from Jim. the bamboo weaving in the font is the trap for birds in the forest Jim made. 志工請教Jim佛法, 前方的竹編物是Jim編來當森林小鳥的捕捉器

Jim is very passionate person and loves to share with everybody especially his strong passion—Buddhist Philosphy & Pali text. Besides that, he could share Chinese Kong-Fu, Thai &Lanna cooking, music….., As to be a Thai country villager, it’s very basic skill to use bamboo and build a bamboo hut. He used to stay in the forest by himself for 10 days. He had to make shelter, search foods & water himself in the forest. Such a versatile person, volunteers could learn a lot from him.

這小牛只有九個月大耶 The buffalo is only 9 months old

要溜牛真不容易,即使只是牛寶寶 It's not easy to walk a buffalo, even only a baby buffalo


 志工日時志工煮的餐This meal cooked by volunteers in volunteers day
We get a very simple living here without electricity but there’s automatic light on from 6PM to 9PM in the kitchen where we cook, talk and eat together. Volunteers are free to attend group yoga and meditation together from 5:30AM to 6:30.
In general, we all meet together in the kitchen at 6:30 and enjoy HHH homemade high quality coffee together first to get ready. After that we start to work from 7AM. We have to observe the environment and ourselves to know what we should do there’s no body arrange works for us. We still could ask people here if they need a hand. We could propose any project we’re interested and discuss with Jim. But at least, all the animals and plants in the farm should be take good care first. There’re one lovely baby buffalo, sad pig and a lot of chickens and plants. We should manage to give them food first and make sure they get good care. And also make sure enough fire woods. After that we can arrange our work by HHH need and also what we like to learn. We live and learn together. Jim cooks 3 very delicious meals for us everyday except volunteer day, surely volunteers could help especially the one likes to learn cooking. Every Saturday is a volunteer food hunting day, we hunt food for the next day (Sunday) volunteer cooking day. We discuss the cooking recipe tomorrow and harvest or buy those ingredients on Saturday. We are in charge of 3 meals cooking on Sunday. And we get day off on Monday.

很多鬥雞得放進籠子裡,以免園子裡的雞群們不安寧 A lot of fighting roosters have to be kept in the cages for peaceful chicken life
每天都得去割很多的草來餵小牛,晚上很泠,所以要幫她起火取暖 we have to find a lot of grass for the buffalo and also make fire for her to over come chilly night.

安慰憂鬱的母豬comfort the sad pig

*大自然裡,動物間很多食物都是共享的,沒有個別的食物 (所以我們吃飯時,每個人都拿一隻湯匙,直接饀菜或飯,剛開始還真不習慣)
Besides simple living and self-reliance learning, they emphasize on Lanna culture and Buddhist teaching a lot. Besides those basic living environment maintaining, there’re some more requests, like
*Animals always share their food while eating in the forest. There’s no individual. We mimic that as well.(there’s no individual bowl, everybody only eat with one spoon and get public food. It takes time for me to get use of it)
* we are born with 2 ears but only 1 mouth. That means we should  listen more and speak less. We should find things to do when we are available, don't sit and only talk together.
*Respect teachers and listen to teachers.
*no alcohol
*rice is sacred. We should respect rice and never step over the sticky rice.
原來柚木屋頂是這樣編的 That's how they make teak leaf roof

為志工學習安排的雞耕耘機 arrange to make a chicken tractor for volunteers learning

He likes all volunteers cultivate good attitude here and also educate volunteers when it's necessary. He reminds people get more awareness and love all the surrounding, get a good habit, take good care of all living being and even the tools you use.

這些廁所、浴室全是志工做的 All those toilets and shower rooms are all from volunteers

這志工很愛喝咖啡,她就認養做咖啡的工作 This volunteer love drinking coffee a lot and decided to take the coffee making task

想學編織可以編雞舍 make chicken house if interested in weaving
在這裡也是很簡單自然的生活方式,生活中就可以學到很多 自給自足的技能。JimTea是特別為分享所知才開放志工過來的,發現他們自己的生活及工作並不真得需要志工來幫忙,經濟作物有請人耕作,若只是簡單的一家人所需栽種的蔬果也不用太多,再說他們的辦事效率很好,很多事他們都可以很有效率地解決,這裡許多志工區域的設置是因志工的學習需求而產生的,到目前為止他們招待的志工己有2000多人了,以前他們給志工非常大的空間跟享受,但似乎很多東西沒被愛惜,所以後來才會有一些限制,但他們還是盡可能地分享及讓志工有擴展的機會。有的志工會覺得似乎一整天都在工作,只有晚上是可以好好地放鬆聊天或唱歌,但其實應該說是很密集的學習,我們所做的工作其實都是在學習。另外縱然Jim很博學且熱於分享,志工們也是學習到很多東西,但對於所學的,很多東西還是得自己去體悟與驗證才是。

有志工想學木工 Prepare to make a table from those volunteers like to learn carpentry
這些志工休息小屋也是以前的志工蓋的 The volunteer huts were made byvolunteers before

Very simple living here and we  learn all those self-reliance skill from our living. I found out Jim and Tea open this volunteer project only for sharing. They don’t really need volunteers to help since they hire people for farming already. They don’t need a lot of vegetables if only for themselves. They are very efficient people and could finish all the tasks very fast. Even some devices that created for volunteer learning only. There are over 2000 volunteers in HHH until now, they gave a lot of space to volunteers but found out the things or space they shared not be cherished and now more restrict than before. But they still try their best to share and give chances for volunteers to expend themselves. Some volunteers might feel they are working whole day, only relax in the night. But what I like to say instead, we are learning very intensively whole day. The work we have done not so much valuable for them but most only for our learning. Surly Jim is very versatile and love to share that we really learn a lot. But we should also practice, experience and analyze what we have learned.